Warrior Wednesdays

Once a player has registered for one of these programs they are commited financially and there will be no refunds or make ups due to the physical over heads in the organization of this type of training

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Train : Teach : Train

Warrior Wednesdays is the first Academy of its kind where players will focus on behavioral  which lead to the deliberate mastering of TRANSITION. The moment when you have eother just won or lost the ball and the successful behaviors which lead to a positive effective outcome.  Games will be played in a highly focused competitive 1v1/2v2 Train: Teach : Train environment. 

Through this program we continue our focus of empowered leadership. Through this philosophy of 'Player Empowerment" and finding their voice.

The age range for this academy will be 
8-14 years of age

We believe the transition of a technique into a mastered skill is the 'win' a player witnesses through investment in their technical game.

At Warrior Wednesdays, players will  be fully engaged through technique, mobility, agility and support, focused through cognitive problem solving solutions, delivered via progressive small sided games.

The reason we will be focusing on this so much, is because others don't!



Northwoods Indoor Soccer 

Timings: 6pm-7pm

​Training will be carried out in 6 week phases, utilizing a curriculum concentrating on the Philosophy of the PASS Pyramid of Player Development.
Designed and implemented by our Director of Development.

Numbers will be limited to maintain a positive coaching ratio.

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All sessions will be run on a technical theme alnong with a Soccer Science Physical Education component, implemented accordingly.

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All players attending our  programs, are to wear their Sky Blue 2022/3 PASS Performance Shirt. Your players shirt is part of your membership/registration process.
Payment does not guarantee placement.
If numbers are high we will run a 'Standby List' and notify as availability opens. 



PASS INDOOR Warrior Wednesdays. 8yrs - 14yrs

Currently on Hold

Numbers are limited : Registration will be on a first registered basis