2023/4 Black SHIRTS

Personal Training

Coaching Staff.

All our staff are available for Personal Training through PASS.

Technical Skill Acquisition Specialists:

Staff Coaches

Coach Brit

Coach Jose

Our Coaches are outstanding tutors in their specific fields of Personal Training. They have the ability to functionally create and deliver  improvement cycles for players. 

Many Coaches have  played at the highest level in College and Club and have a passion for individual player improvement.

Players can be trained as individuals or in small groups to a max of 4 players.

Locations and pricing vary dependent on commitment and location.

Training sessions are not refundable if canceled within 48hrs of scheduled training session.

e mail for more details:

At PASS we understand every player is different and each has their own learning style. This is why we offer our Personal and Small Group Training.

Our STYLE of personal training is not based around MINDLESSLY beating cones and poles, but FUNCTIONALY taking areas of the player's game and creating a PLAN of improvement through a player focused DECISION based philosophy 

There is no MAGIC BULLET to this process. We choose to focus on their individual development then bring them into our FAST FEET FRIDAYS, Mastery Mondays and Combine Programs. where the player can be challenged on their Technique Mastery to the very edge of their comfort zone

PASS is the only Independent Academy in the  Texas able to offer this methodology due to our culture of commitment and chosen  outstanding coaches  leadership in this Role.