"I highly recommend the MindShip program if your athlete wants to play at the collegiate level. My daughter started playing later than most her age and this program and Coach Hull have helped expedite her game IQ and mental growth as a goalkeeper.  We have also incorporated private training sessions with Coach Hull and his training sessions are just as mentally challenging as they are physical. "

MindShip Performance


Mindship is an 18 week pre-college preparation course broken down into 3 x 6 week blocks. 

Its purpose is to mentally prepare the player, and their game iQ to confidently lead, self-mange and improve their personal performance, so that through a greater understanding of their potential players can apply tools and processes to advance their mental toughness.

We meet once a week through zoom to support learning and growth. This can be combined with personal training, if required.

As the weeks grow, so will the player and their ability to understand, themselves, and  how to perform at a cognitively advanced level.

This course is also a great opportunity  for a parent to listen and understand the process of a performance mindset, so they can correctly support the journey too.

At PASS We Are Relentlessly Committed to Creating High Performance Players Who Are: 

Self-managing, self-thinking, fast-acting problem solvers, whom through a performance mindset are able to adapt live to any given situation.

Players who are relentless in modeling their leadership actions and behaviors, to others. 

Players who can manage and commit to their personal state of excellence, while inter dependently empowering team mates to theirs; all whilst being an effective communicator. 

Competent Players who will make decisions, who will accept, own and acknowledge their choices. 

Confident Players who will utilize reflective feedback; firstly from self, then team and coaches. 

Consistent Players who are looking to prioritize choices, to futureproof their game.

All this, whilst humbly choosing the internal, character-based traits of an outstanding person.

Would you like this to be your future self?