PASS Mission 
"To teach and improve the technical ability, tactical awareness and the psychological advantage of a PASS Player:  Advancing his or her knowledge through our PASS performance principals and values, in accordance with their individual rolel, in relation to the game. This mission is ingrained in the players through the professional modeling  of their dedicated PASS Coaches.


A Team of Teams.

PASS Vision:
At the Players Academy of Soccer Skills we have our own unique Vision: 

To Share The Opportunity Of Empowerment, So That, Through Our Culture Players Create Their Own Success.

Defined through: Elevating their ability in High School, Club, ODP, ECNL, College, USL, WPSL, NPSL professional levels of play. 

This vision is founded on many years of coaching experience, investigation and education into our great sport. The person is centric in all decisions and actions; with a direct emphasis on competitive deliberate practice models, advancing the self belief, and the confidence of the individual player's personal qualities, whilst  enhancing character and integrity. Finally culminating in the complete development of the sucesseful PASS player defined through attainment. Each developmental block of our PASS Pyramid sits upon the next joined by the mortar of personal practice from the knowledge:  

We believe Leaders empower Leaders. #Theunseenhours

PASS Value: Courage
First and formost we all our members are people before they are players.

Our Value of Courage is defined through behaviors not limited to the following areas:
The PASS players thoughts, emotions and actions are played with Courage to reflect the process of their journey . We strive to create a Courageous positive environment for learning the game and lessons for life, through examples set via peers and coaches and mentors alike.
Understanding the Courageous  inner focus of the PASS player and not just their outer smile. We believe Courage creates character, this is developed from the inside and reputaion is external. We all must take the Courage to understand each person develops differently. Understanding the knowledge of a persons cognitive and physical development through their 'golden years' and its effect on the player's mind and goals.
The final product of putting the ball in, or keeping the out of the net! More than that; the Courage through progressive nurturing and being pro active, to achieve inner  'golden moments', prior to external victories. imprinting the PASS player's journey to create a win/win success, admired and respected by all. A player who continually looks to combine all areas of their game for continual improvement.
Our Aim: To Create The Player You Never Wish To Play Against!

More than anything Have Fun!