PASS Pre Combine

Sundays: Ages 13 & up or by ID Invitation.

Location: UTSA.

Time 6-7pm

PASS Combine Men & Ladies 14 -18ys old

Taking Registrations NOW!

Numbers for this program will be Limited.

This is not a drop in training program!

It's a progressive leadership & decision making program for committed advanced soccer players who wish to understand what it takes at the highest of levels of the game

It is our intention to offer players from this program opportuities play overseas against Premier League clubs & highly professional teams

PASS Advanced Combine

Sundays:  Ages 14 & up

Location: University of Texas - San Antonio

Time:        6 - 7pm

To be observed you have to be seen! 

This combine is designed for High School and advanced club players only

If you wish to go to play in college then education and leadership, on and off, the field is the key. It is our intention to acheive this for your player.

What better than placing your player directly in such an environment, for training, observation and possible selection to College ID Camps and beyond. 

Through out 2019 we will rollout our PASS Combine. Players attending this program have to be highly commited and open to engage in advanced learning techniques to support physical and cognitive advancement of their game. Players are required to have a growth mindset and willing to be highly competitive at all levels.  Through out this program, players will be tasked to perform in an environment developed to achieve competitive greatness. 

This program will not only be focused on the physical, but also the mental, cognitive and communicative elements of soccer required to support the players journey through high school, club and into college. 
Training will be periodized through field and classroom style education. We look not only to combine field skills, but also their ability to communicate at a collegiate level.

Player Leadership Focus will be:

  • Competitive technique

  • Player led & self managed technical & tactical sessions.

  • SSAP – Speed – Strength – Agility – Pre habilitation (injury prevention – ACL etc)

  • Theory of different systems of play

  • Understanding techniques to 'show' well at ID camps and tryouts

  • Education: Communication skills (written & vebal) – Nutrition – Kinesiology - Leadership – College Portfolio Development.

  • College coach led sessions

  • Professional Resume development through the possibility of gaining qualifications  - NSCAA.

To our knowledge, this is the only independent program of its kind,  focusing on a combined platform of  achievement:

  • Player  leadership

  • Academics

  • Self management

  • Social intergration