Summer Programs 2021 : 

Great players perceive, conceive, decide, deceive, execute and learn to assess with in milliseconds. Can yours? 


Open to Players 14 yrs and UP.

16 June - 21 July 9am-10am

Mcalister Park
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This summer our highly succesful PASS Combine program will be held each Wednesday, at 9am Mcalister PK.

Our Combine, through its competitive culture has been designed to advance players for DA, ECNL ECRL, NPL and USC selection and level of play. High School Players and players entering high school will find this especially advantageous  in preparation for thier season and methods of entry into College.

Through environmental intelligence we will support the creation of visionary players whom can initiate the attack and block through defending. 

Engaged in the Combine Training Phase will be SAQ activation, completeing the training circle. 


Open to Players 5 - 8 yrs

14 June - 19 July 9am-10am

Mcalister Park
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Learning to play correctly through fast paced fun games is essential to your players development at this age. Coaches often say 'the game is the teacher'. This is only true if you know the correct age appropriate games!  Even more importantly how to grow the individual player in their responses to these games.

Through our PASS Roots program this is our mission:

Player success through empowerment.

This summer we will be focusing on our:

Train iT : Test iT ; Trust iT  methodology.


Technique : Speed : Agility : Transition


Open to Players age 9- 13

15 June - 20 July 9am-10am

Mcalister Park

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Registering your player for this program will advance their Physical, Technical and Intelligence aspects of the game.


Upto 50% of this session will be focused on improving Soccer Speed, Agility & Quickness with and without the ball.


Mastery of Techniques. Through deliberate environmental facilitation players will be conditioned to perform technical solutions in pressured game situations, forcing players to make real time decisions


We like to call this PASS iQ. Through out the session we will support with leadership, decision making and modeling of keystone behaviors to significantly advance the players process of learning and application of techniques

Throughout the summer of 2021 PASS will be offering new summer programs:


Along with our #1 Leading program in South Texas  FAST FEET FRIDAYS