We like to share!

Here we will share documents, articles and lesson plans, which support our philosophy and offer a resource to our members 

Books & Newsletters


At PASS we are not only coaches of the game, but also students of the game. We like to study, read and engage in the academic as well as the physical side of the sport.

To date, PASS has authored two books, available on iBooks. For more information on these click on the button below.


We also like to offer reading lists for parents, players and coaches, we list many of these on our sister sight

News letters are a great way to get information out. We regularly write and have our information nationally published through various journals and web sites. We link our latest newsletter to our site




At PASS we try to offer as much information to our players and parents as possible. Some of this might be controversial. We beleive you should have acces to all sides of the conversation!