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The Goal of the National Youth Leadership Award

The National Youth Leadership award is designed to educate & enhance the growth and development of tomorrow’s soccer leaders.

Registering for the NYLA is your first step to investing in your personal and team leadership development. Through practical application of course work and constant effort to achieve more, by witnessing teammates starting to follow your example over your advice, you are now benchmarking improvement. Excellence will be defined by how you measure this success

Investing in your self as a leader is not enough, to attain greatness we have to invest in others. Not always taking charge, but taking care of those in your charge. As we grow through our actions. Players will start to follow your example, you will see your self in your team, they will see the strength of your example, inspiration and enthusiasm.

A soccer team provides opportunities for eleven people to lead; one of those leaders is you.  Leaders make a difference. Leaders inject self-confidence in to all whom they conn3ct with. It is their task, not to tell, but to show, to serve, not to dominate, but learn to delegate.

It starts today! And does not finish when the whistle is blown. A leader looks to be a mentor and mentee, in life, as well as the game. A leader looks to share their knowledge and time daily, understanding when they are through learning, they are through. 

More Information

This Players Academy, in connection with Connect Sports, will be teaching the National Youth Leadership Award.
The current course format is directed at soccer players ages 13-18, to include the NSCAA 4v4 Diploma, A Nationally recognized qualification.
By offering your players this Leadership development opportunity, its supports professional investment in your athletes at an exponential level.
This course is designed on a two day format, but is flexible through an ‘elective’ format of flexible content.
Classroom, workshop and practical methodologies are all incorporated in supporting the leadership delivery of this Award.

The beauty of this Award, although some areas are mandatory, electives can be chosen to customize to the content.

A selection from Topics covered:
*   NSCAA 4v4 Diploma
*   Feedback as a Team Captain
*   Creating a lesson plan
*   Teaching the team
*   Goal Setting
*   Resume Development
*   Creating a Growth Soccer Mindset
*   Captains Role play
*   Player Communication Skills
*   College profile development
*   Leader led games
*   Leaderless games

This course can be a weekend, mid week or as requested to support the players needs

Example of a course outline: