PASS Leadership Combine Clinic  

Available at Club or Organization level on Request.

A main theme of this clinic will be teaching and playing through:

  • leadership roles of attacking, defending,
  • Player & team organization.
  • Communication Skills
  • Creating Psychological Player advantages
  • Responsibilities of Captains

​Please contact us directly for more details

Joe! I need you to play #7 in a fully attacking role. 
Coach, I'm not sure how to? I've never played that position before, what do i do? What are the other players around me doing? Joe we need you to step into a leadership role, are you ready?

At PASS we want to build self esteem in our players. 

The knowledge in a player knowing and functionally understanding their game better than their opponent, is essential to their confidence and level of success. A players leadership and communiction skills at this moment will be tested! 

We believe players play with their brains befor their boots!

This camp will be taking its focus not only on the playing aspects of the game, but also teaching the leadership moments. We will be using field based classrooms suporting many mediums and methodologies to transfer and support. Your player will be emersed in a leader led and leader less practical and theoretical environment like no other!