June 2022 PASS is planning on an International Soccer trip with an 03/04/05/ ability based team to play in London & Scotland against Premier league Academy teams.

The trip will incude the opportuity for 3hrs college credit from the university of San Diego

The trip will be focused in and around London and Edinburgh, Teams will be scheduled to play the leading clubs in European football  of today.

The trip will be an 9-10 night / ten day tour. Playing 4 games with teams from respective countries we are visiting.

For the parents there will be trips to the finest of Scotlands golf courses, Royal Castles plus 

Taking in tours of stadiums and tourist sights and towns throughout these great countries .

Current Plans:

02/03/04/05 Girls Summer tour (England & Scotland) June 2022 



London / Scotland example schedule 2022

London & Scotland Trip  2022.

June 10-19  (TBC)