SUMMER Technical Tuesdays (Ages 8-13) 

SUMMER PASS Combine (Ages 14 & up)

6 Session Program.


Non Members $175

Members: $100

(if you have registered for our Elite Feet Summer Camp you will be classed as a member for 2018/9)

Starting on June 19 2018

Northwoods Ice & Golf indoor soccer
@1604 & 281

PASS will resume its Summer Indoor Technical Tuesday Program

Technical Tuesday is the first Academy of its kind where players will focus on the continual addition of pressure forcing the player to the very edges of their comfort zone and beyond! Mastering of footwork with both feet and both eyes, in a highly competitive 1v1/2v2 enviroment.

We believe the transfer of a technique into a  skill is the deposit  a player invests in their technical soccer bank account.

At Technical Tuesdays, players will  be fully engaged through personal dribbling, mobility, agility and support, using progressive intense competitive small sided games.

The reason we will be focusing on this so much, is because others don't!

The age range for this academy will be 
8-13 years of age, divided into ability groups

PASS Combine Ages 14 +  or by invitation


Great players perceive, conceive, decide, deceive, execute and learn to assess with in milliseconds. Can yours?  

This does not happen by beating cones and poles!


9 Session Program


Non Members $225 

Members $150        

(if you have registered for our Elite Feet Summer Camp you will be classed as a member for 2018/9)

Starting on June 1 2018
Northwoods Ice & Golf indoor soccer
@1604 & 281

Welcome to our PASS Fast Feet Academy Of Deliberate Technical Excellence.

Your player's TRAINING ENVIRONMENT is considered to be the most influential catalyst available to improve technical development. We do not waste a moment of this! Through our intensity based training methodology, touches are never wasted!!

Players enrolled in our Fast Feet Fridays will be exposed to highly competitive small sided games in a fast flowing surroundings. Through incremental additions of technical and mental pressure players will be challenged  to the very edges of their comfort zones.

This Academy is the ultimate in ball manipulation Skills and Deliberate Technical Development. It is not for everyone!

Our age ability focus is 8-16. Divided into ability groups