Through the summer of 2019 PASS is planning on taking 2 trips with ability based teams to play in Germany 

The trip will be an 8 night ten day tour. Playing 5 games with teams from respective countries we are visiting.

Taking in tours of stadiums and tourist sights and towns throughout these great countries .

More details on this will be posted as the journeys evolve.

Current Plans:

01/02/03 Girls Summer ( Germany)

04/05/06 Girls Summer (Germany)

More details to follow:

Over the next few Months we will be sending out flyers and general information. As numbers and interest build we will have meetings and webinars to answer questions and concerns. Numbers will be limited and currently interest is high. Our recent trip offered the players so much more than soccer, players grew in their own eyes whilst remaining very humbled as soccer ambassadors for their country.


Click here to register for the initial information Webinar on Thursday 30 August at 8pm CDT

If you are interested or require more information please fill out the form below:

England & Europe Tours 2019.