Each year our  PASS Camp plans to be even better! 
Our wide Pyramid base will be on Training players through mastering techniques into skills. 
Then utilizing ability groups, Testing their new Skill Sets under continual pressure forcing your player beyond the edge of their comfort zone.
Finally, placing the emphasis on Trusting Techniques and Skills through our performance based 'PASS Elite Feet Tournament'. 
Making Soccer Simplicity the ultimate Soccer Sophistication!

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PASS Performance Camps

Why Should you choose a  PASS Camp?

Our secret to its camp appeal is the way it managed through combining a sense of fun with smart individualized coaching. Making sure we cover the areas clubs do not make time for. We nudge you to the very edges of your ability and keep you there, continually looping over techniques in various environmental ways, until you have dialed the skill in! 
It is our intent, you will outperform your own expectations!!